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Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

We stay current with specialized Alzheimer's & Dementia training and certifications that will serve your loved one and their unique needs.

Our services include many other types of care needs including individuals with Parkinsons, traumatic brain injuries, and hospice.


Their independence and choices are important to us. We come along side your loved one  to help make every day a good day.

During our first visit, we will be creating a Custom Care Plan. This plan is meant to be very unique to the needs of your loved one. Some clients thrive with routine and others need an intuitive plan that can change based on the day.

Some clients are able to go on walks and some need to be encouraged to stay home. This care takes a carefully trained person who really knows how to do what is best for the situation.  We strive to enter their world so that they can enjoy the life that they understand while keeping them safe.

Some of the techniques our caregivers trained in are cognitive stimulation and light exercise program assistance.

We understand that the level of care needed in these situations can be vast and ever changing, and this is what we do. We offer comprehensive care for your loved one that goes above and beyond to truly meet their needs.

Senior Patient
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