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Micheline Gagnon


Blooming Park

Micheline's Story

Hello My name is Micheline (pronounced like the tire).  Growing up I was close to my parents and grandparents and great grandparents. I used to spend the summers with my grandparents whether it be traveling or just staying home with them.  I am also a mother of five children, after raising them I decided to go back into the workforce, my heart's desire was for caring for people so that is what led me to Senior Care.


 I started Caregiving in May 2015 my motto was to "always put myself in the Senior’s shoes” to understand what type of care they are in need of. I thoroughly enjoyed and loved all my clients, and they would say the same about me.  It was a real honor when asked by the Owner of the Company to come into the office as a staff member. They expressed that I could facilitate clients and family needs better coming from being a caregiver, understanding their situations that may arise. As I started this position my favorite moments were when I was able to go and personally meet clients. 


All my years of experience were put to the test when my father suffered a stroke. I was able to help navigate all his needs. My father, who is a Vet, never thought he was entitled to VA assistance. I was able to help with the process of VA benefits and with skilled nursing for rehabilitation after his stroke. I am forever thankful for my experience and grateful to the people who encourage me along the way.  Thank you for taking the time to hear my story. 


Micheline Gagnon


Theresa's Story

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Pond in Park
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